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FFPE represents the following companies. Click on a company logo to learn more about their products.

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ERICO™ is CADWELD™ exothermically welded electrical connections and ERITECH™ bonding and grounding products used in substation, transmission and distribution applications. ERICO products offer superior connections that comply with the current IEEE or other standards . ERICO also offers ERITECH™ Lightning Protection products and CRITEC™ LV surge protection products. ( Utility OR, WA, AK)

Richards Manufacturing

Richards Manufacturing Co. supplies a wide variety of products to utilities for overhead and underground transmission and distribution. Network protectors, network protection relays , crab joints, limiters, rack arms, compression lugs and connectors (Al and Cu), MV load break (200A) and dead break (600A and 900A) elbows, disconnectable splices and other rubber goods as well as pole line hardware such as hot line clamps, stirrups, etc. Richards is focused on customer services and has most of their products on the shelf in NJ. (OR, WA, AK , ID, UT all markets)


Formex manufactures  ABS and polyethylene products such as transformer pads, duct and bore spacers and duct terminators for vaults. Formex has been producing these products for over 20 years in US and can custom thermoform products for specific applications. (OR, WA, ID, UT)

Powell Switchgear

Powell Industries, Inc. designs, manufactures and packages equipment and systems for the distribution, control, generation and management of electrical energy and other dynamic processes.


Cooper Power Systems engineers and manufactures medium- and high-voltage electrical equipment, components, and systems that deliver reliable electric power to homes, industries, businesses, and institutions worldwide.

Our products, services, and solutions are used for public, commercial, and industrial power generation systems throughout the world.

Our products include transformers, capacitors, voltage regulators, reclosers and sectionalizers, distribution switchgear, transformer fluids, distribution automation equipment, transformer components, components and protective equipment, power engineering software, and energy automation solutions. (OR through PowerPlus Reps, C & I)


Victor manufactures the widest range of insulator products in North America.

Victor Insulators offers Porcelain Distribution, Polymer (Non Ceramic) Distribution, Station Post and OEM Switch, Cap and Pin Replacement, Indoor Bus Support, and Special Porcelain Designed insulators.